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Welcome to The Tiny Herald and Daily News Summary! In a world overflowing with data and information, getting a grip on news in under five minutes is near-impossible. That's where Daily News Summary comes in: keep up with current events and international news with custom control over news sources, and topic filters to focus on the type of news that matters to you: business, tech news, politics and foreign policy. With a strong focus on "serious news", sports and entertainment news are completely left out (besides, there are plenty of news outlets and websites covering these most popular topics quite well). Upcoming services include a daily news summary sent by email, and an SMS text message notifying you when the latest news have been posted online.

Daily News Summary was born out of a personal frustration, so we're the first consumer of the summarized news we produce every day! Rather than jumping from one news site to another, and loading multiple web browser tabs in the background, dealing with auto-play videos and overlay ads, subscription walls that require you either to subscribe or remember and enter all these different usernames and passwords for each website, Daily News Summary becomes your single destination for current information.

Here are the English-speaking news sources we currently use: (suggest another!)

Note: due to paywall hassles, partially hidden articles, intrusive subscription popups, article limits, and other usability issues, we've removed the newspapers stricken-out above, despite their quality and reputation. We look forward to being able to add them back to the list.

Temporarily retired news sources: too much content and/or more editorials than facts:

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